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Rotary Can Make A Difference

Our major fund raiser each year is the Golf Tournament which we host to raise money for our Scholarship Fund.  From the many applications, annually our scholarship committee selects the most deserving students to be awarded scholarships.  These scholarships assist worthy students to further their education.

We recently received the following heartwarming email from one of our 2011 scholarship recipients, Ernesto Cruz--proof that we do make a difference. 

Hello Ms. Lowe,

I wanted to let you know about my college experience at FIU thus far.

I have had a great time getting adjusted to college! There is a lot of free time and a wealth of knowledge at this research university. Though I was part of School For Advanced Studies, where I took college classes regularly, I still had to adjust because I took my first upper division courses this year. I am majoring in Environmental Engineering and am part of the Honors College at FIU. My Bright Futures and Presidential Scholarship from the institution payed for all of my tuition and fees, and the William Simons Scholarship payed for my books entirely. I spent exactly half of the $1000 which was a bit of a challenge when trying to find bargains at the beginning of the semester. I've made connections since then, and I know several students that can give me their books for next semester's courses. 

Also, I am planning on graduating a bit earlier than the class I came in with. Depending on how I schedule my courses, I could be done by Fall 2013 or Spring 2014. FIU has a combined Master-Bachelor degree program for engineering which only takes one year to complete the Masters. That means I have the opportunity to obtain both degrees within four years; all of which would be partly funded by the William Simons Scholarship! :)

As far as extracurricular activities go, I am currently involved with Engineers Without Borders. The Chapter is implementing a water supply project for an indigenous community, known as the Maleku, in Costa Rica.On-site, EWB-FIU works together with the Maleku community and the Costa Rican Water Authority to rehabilitate a gravity-fed spring system. The new system aims to be at the appropriate level of technology for the community to ensure maximum sustainability. The system will supply three towns will with clean and safe drinking water year round. The student chapter is responsible for designing, constructing, and covering the cost of the project, both in material and travel expenses. The team is working diligently to collect all the funds required for the completion of the project. EWB-FIU and the Rotary Club of Coral Gables have commenced a connection and agreement with the Tichia Project and I also see great hope for the Miami Dadeland Pinecrest Rotary Club in being a future partner. For this reason, I would like to ask if it is possible for myself and another member of the chapter  to make a presentation on the Tichia Project at a convient time and place. I thank you in advance for taking this into consideration. 

All in all, college has been a wonderful experience and I am learning more about myself and the world around me. I enjoy the college experience very much and I want to thank you and the rest Miami Dadeland Pinecrest Rotary Club so much for helping me.

Ernesto Cruz

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